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-Jaime Alejandro

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March 13th, 1998. #elliottsmith #restinpeaceelliott

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March 13th, 1998. During the Oscars. That was the first time I heard Elliott Smith. I was twelve years of age in a little Podunk town in Wyoming. He was just a guy with a guitar in his white suit. The music started playing and he proceeded to perform one of the most beautiful and captivating songs I had ever heard. It was honest, and spoke to me in a way very few artists of any medium ever have. Hearing Miss Misery was one of the first times I witnessed a work of art, and my mind exploded. He showed me the way and much later I would find my artistic sensibility, thanks to his guidance. Moments like that change lives. His work still inspires me. He was transcendent, and I think of him dearly, like an old pen pal who took time out of his day to write someone who never would write back. Thank you Elliott, I wish you were still around. You’ve been gone fifteen years too long. -Jaime Alejandro

The open cave welcomes joy and everything else.

On a Friday

full of freedom

I sang behind the wheel

The black days now behind me

I look forward to the miles ahead

And as the chorus left my lips

and I waved at the sorrowful faces of my neighbors

I rolled down the window to bathe

in the careless dance of the wind

I held the comforting song

in the cavern of my mouth

This cave soaring

above the speed limit

that held the wonder of my tone

The tune and wind and sunshine were a veil

and it made me feel an endless bliss

Just as the wasp slipped in at fifty miles an hour and into my mouth

and I rolled down

toward the black.

-Jaime Alejandro

From the scratch draft journal…

My short podcast reaching its final form!

Hello Creatives,

My schedule is still busy but I’m starting to find my groove. I started recording this version of my short podcast a few weeks ago but I figured it’s time I get it on the blog! It’s taken some time to find what works, but this will be a great experiment to pursue. the ingredients were there: My desire to document and share my creative mistakes, the travails of a working class person, the time management or lack-there-of, the search for creative discipline. It sounds awesome but it’s not quite there yet. I am incredibly hopeful I can continue to learn and grow thanks to this creative exercise.

The show is CREATIVE DRIVE, a short pod recorded in my car during my commute to and from work. It’s brief, lo-fi, and an honest commentary about how to stay creatively fulfilled. We working class creatives find time, no matter what. So here we go!

Make art, make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro

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I am testing various formats: It’s a pain in the ass to upload again on Youtube, but what the hell? I have a youtube channel, might as well post there too. We’ll see what sticks…

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Temporary artwork until I can polish the perfect design!

91718: to the time I held the guitar for three days when you departed.

I wanted to know why the hands



for the strings

they were caked

bumps and callous patterns

not the right

kind of progressions

not the desired ones

yet underneath

the stuttering grip

and the delicate-less

fumble of the fretless

here I set beyond the waking hours

with the deepest of needs

before sunrise

why the strumming

why the strumming

why the strumming had to stop.