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-Jaime Alejandro

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Inspiration 8218

Listening to this man talk about this film is just such a treat. Thought I’d pass it along.


Back from hiatus: New Addendum Episode!

Dear WordPressers,

Wow, it’s been months since I’ve been here. I missed it. I started a new job, so it turned the routine upside down for a short while. This whole staying creative while having a full time job and a small business is kinda difficult, but alas, the content is back! I’m so thrilled to start recording again, and equally stoked to share with you the new episode format, as well as musings on how to keep making art as a working class person.

Also, what are you all working on lately? Send me a comment and I’d love to give shout-outs on the podcast!

Make art, make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro

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Letter to you, Void. (from Idlewind #1)

I’ve been trying left and right to express myself, but nothing works anymore. Social media is too much for me at times, I can’t rotoscope, sell, or innovate fast enough for youtube, no instagram filter is kind enough to my physique (and they told me that is needed if you want to beat the algorithm). An opinion-less voice makes for ugly hearing on an app made for your ears. Wit evades my tweets, leaving me a twit. Out of insight and personality when the reddit comment is typed: so I delete it. Get rid of it.

This has been me for a long time now. So I am putting those notions in the trash. Nobody asked, I didn’t ask either. But here I am receiving the creative impulse and letting it live. I’m ready to make art for me again. The curious stuff. Random stuff. That which doesn’t fit the narrative. The stuff of beauty. The little stuff you can take with you and breathe it in like dead silence in rush hour. What you and I really need to get by. That’s the honest stuff that really captivates. That’s the stuff I want to share with you.

I used to refine and tweak endlessly. I used to sacrifice for craft. I used to believe in a creative process. Social media and distractions didn’t rob me of it. My own hands yanked that desire out of my insides and removed it. So let’s get back to work. Life is good so long as these hands are building the track. The train will take care of the rest.

It feels good to have Issue #1. I’m very tired. But this is only the beginning.

Make art. Make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro



Everything changes. And that’s ok.

Momentum swells and recedes at a moment’s notice. So much has changed in the last month that I’ve had to recalibrate my commitment to the blog and the Idlewind collective endeavors. Today I started a full time position working as an office assistant– It’s a really wonderful thing for my family and I, and you know what? It’s also a wonderful thing for my creativity:

If I really want to stay creative, I will make it happen. If I don’t care for it, something else will take its place. But I can’t let that happen, I consider this a great challenge. The time is now to put my beliefs about creativity and storytelling and willpower to the test. And I couldn’t be more excited!

As you know we have the Addendum podcast, now streaming everywhere! I find this super exciting because I’m lining up some great interviews with great friends who are working class creatives striving to make great work. And of course, contact me if you’re a creative with a day job making art!

I’ll be sharing some daily commentary on my Anchor account as well, which will be more on the fly recordings about my creative progress to complement the Addendum interviews.

Oh, and there will be more bite sized content coming your way. Stay tuned, and if you have any tips on how I’m gonna get through it, please pass them on. The next chapter begins now…

Make art. Make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro

The Addendum Podcast is real now, I guess…

I sort of blinked and realized The Addendum Podcast is ten episodes in. The first five episodes are absolute garbage, but the more recent ones clearly sound like me getting my act together! I really do love this. It’s like my own method of immediate introspection. It allows me to form some thoughts about my day, my craft, and being able to manage a world that is telling you to stop being creative. That is the answer I want to get to: how to find room in life for the storytelling? The fun part right now is not giving up, and fall in love with fumbling through this exploration. It suits me much better than any of the other social networks.

The Addendum Podcast is now on iTunes and all over the place, so I really need to up my game. But hey, it’s cool, all of this is a learning process. Hopefully by the time people start listening, it will be a much more polished project.

Make art. Make haste.

-Jaime Alejandro.

An American Pastime.

To bury a child is an abomination.

To bury the second is unsavory, but familiar.

To bury the third is industry.

Child burial is a coarse proposition like the rope that lowers the flag

When god used to look, his head would lower too.

Can the father spare thoughts for the republic,

trapped in the eggshell and baroque vermilion of the funeral parlor?

A mother still feels the weight of life in her belly

as she sorts out an outfit for the now lifeless unfamiliar

and the priest decides last week’s sermon fits the bill, again.

And the chorus of retired women ask the bygone men where to go,

because there’s not enough room for the flowers at the foot of the altar,

and they assure themselves no one’s at fault that the modest shrine will just not do,

since they know it could use a contribution or two.

Alas, a makeshift procession of unity swells momentarily;

Petals and voices declaring that spare corner in their respective hearts.

A song of comfort and duty for the child, the one that talked the way you talk.

The one that runs a clumsy touch across your concrete, overworked face.

The one that made your bones sturdy for a brief time on this earth.

The ritual begets comfort, and in turn, rain boils in the heat of silence.

Even as the shovels tap the dirt, atop the soon to be unmarked,

those left behind know the nature of the wheel, and succumb to the spin.

Remorse hardly settles at reckless speeds, and they will even tell you there’s enough room in the casket for liability. Specialists in stasis, the ones truly fit for graves.

But the cowards sending in their stead, this tender offering to the dark.

This constant, God-given, crowd-pleasing, blood-lusting, well-oiled abomination.

-Jaime Alejandro


How to help victims of the Florida school shooting (CNN links)


No outline today. Progress!

There’s been very little activity this week, but what I did put together is documented on the ramblings at Addendum.

I’m trying to be less precious about every little recording I make. Every word I write. It’s less of a problem for me when I’m writing, but the process of recording audio is so dear to me that it’s been super difficult to me to get on the Anchor app every few days and just ramble. Ever since I started the Addendum recordings, my defense mechanism has been outlines and notes. It’s like my inner monologue is reminding me that if I am going to document my every little thought like an idiot, at least be organized about it. Today I made my first recordings without an outline. Progress!

Addendum is starting to feel as laid back as I originally intended it to be. So that’s pretty neat. If you wanna hear the ramblings of a creative with a dayjob, or you need a prompt about a wedding ring, check it out!

Make Art. Make haste!

-Jaime Alejandro