Hi. My name is Jaime Alejandro Cruz.

This is me looking quite serious, because it’s imperative that I present myself in a professional, collected manner.

This is a first impression, after all.

I’m a playwright and multi-media creative.

Sometimes, I write other things too (such as screenplays, poetry, and words for new media).

I produce podcasts to meet interesting creatives, and to promote the importance of the arts for personal well-being and that of our communities.

J. Cruz Video

Once upon a time, my wife and I provided video production services as Jaime Cruz Videography, LLC. We captured weddings, recitals, and special events, as well as custom video solutions such as corporate projects, testimonials, and so on. Here’s a few samples from that era.

These days, I find myself writing, recording, and using every tool at my disposal to create and collaborate. In 2022, I plan to blend all of these storytelling passions and multi-media endeavors into one: I am debuting the Coalition for Digital Narratives, a new arts workshop/digital theatre company to produce new media works and original plays.

Get in Touch.

Don’t hesitate to reach out or send a message using the form.

Thanks for stopping by!


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